99 Confined Hearts



This artwork emerges from two concepts: the first one being the heart, the muscle that pumps life into each one of us. The second one is time, specifically 99 days. Creating a heart for each of the 99 days that the initial home confinement lasted in Spain.

I n the confines of solitude and silence, 99 hearts were born, beating to the rhythm of hope and creativity, forged by the fire of confinement, where the beats of imagination rose as an echo of life. In this exhibition, Heartbeats, emotions explode in colours and textures, intertwining our hearts in a universal embrace, reminding us that creation is a powerful form of healing and connection. Welcome to an epic journey where art becomes a witness of an unforgettable era, where love and resilience merge in a collective heartbeat. Discover the 99 hearts that beat within each artwork and let their beats resonate deep within your souls. May this exhibition be a tribute to the strength of the human spirit and a reminder that, even in the toughest moments, creativity and art guide us towards the light.

Heartbeats: Confined Hearts

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